Stapleford Granary

Event description

Saturday 14 March |  19.30 | £15 / £8 (under16)

St.CathArine's College Choir

& the Tenor Madness Jazz Trio

An innovative collaboration between members of St Catharine’s College Choir, Cambridge and the jazz trio, Tenor Madness.

Under the direction of Edward Wickham, St Catharine’s Choir are known for their innovative collaborations and repertoire, which includes ground-breaking recordings of Renaissance and contemporary repertoire. Edward Wickham is himself a Renaissance music specialist, having directed for many years the vocal consort The Clerks, an ensemble which championed the music of Franco-Flemish masters such as Ockeghem, Josquin des Prez and Obrecht.

Tenor Madness is a piano trio project that takes Renaissance and Baroque themes and improvises on them in the modern idiom – much as all musicians of previous centuries would have done. Two musicians unusually steeped in both Baroque and jazz music – leading pianist, harpsichordist and composer David Gordon and bassist and broadcaster Sandy Burnett – are joined by brilliant drummer Tom Hooper (Grace Jones, Simple Minds, Omar, Sir John Dankworth).