Stapleford Granary

Event description

Wednesday 26 June | 19.30 | £8

John Clare 

An Illustrated Talk by Carry Akroyd

This talk accompanies Carry Akroyd's exhibition 'Found in the Fields' which is on show at Stapleford Granary from 11 June - 12 July 2019.

Carry will give an illustrated talk about the poet John Clare and how her work has responded to his poetry. 

Carry has illustrated three books of John Clare poetry, as well as referring to him at length in her own book 'Natures Powers & Spells'.

Carry Akroyd is a painter and printmaker living in Northamptonshire, a working artist for 30 years, belatedly 10 years ago gained with distinction MA in Fine Art. 

Her subject matter is principally the intensively farmed arable landscape with wildlife surviving on the margins, but also some work from forays to wilder places.

Carry exhibits her work in a few galleries and in some mixed shows, including with the Society of Wildlife Artists annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries. In commissioned work she illustrated “Tweet of the Day”, the book of the Radio 4 series published 2014, and is the jacket designer for the  British Wildlife Publishing series “Wildlife Collection” (Bloomsbury) and has a monthly illustration in The Oldie magazine for their ‘Bird of the Month’ column. The latter will be published by Bloomsbury in 2019. 

Her interest in the poet John Clare led to studies of landscape history and environmental change, and she has been connected with the project ‘Local Places, Global Processes’, led by landscape historians funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Due to her work in spreading knowledge of the poet, Carry was made president of the John Clare Society in 2016