Stapleford Granary

Event description

21 October Coffee from 11:00 Concert 12:00  £12/£8 under 16

Sunday Coffee Concert

FB Pocket Orchestra

The FB Pocket Orchestra self-imposed brief was simply to explore the popular music repertoire of the early 20th century. The primary aim was to investigate how we might make a musical response that would fit into the contemporary milieu.

 Of particular interest has been an attention to sonic palette and acoustic delivery. We find that our musical outcome has greater nuance, rhythmic flexibility and dynamic range if no amplification is used. So one of our rules has become ‘minimum amplification if zero is not appropriate’.

 We also feel that much of the detail and inherent beauty of this repertoire lies in the subtle interaction of more traditional instruments. Accordingly, we have broadened our instrumental scope to include banjo, cornet, accordion, tuba, clarinet, etc.

 So, whilst we make no claim to authentic re-creation, we make music that we hope has significant musical relevance to a present-day audience and celebrates some of the key attributes of the past.

 Or to put that more succinctly – we hope to entertain our audiences with music from a time when life was much simpler!