Stapleford Granary

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Sunday 16 February 2020

Sunday Coffee Concert

Coffee from 11:00  Concert 12:00     £12/£8 under 16

Evelyn nAllen & the zero gravity band

Zero Gravity is a Cambridge UK recorder band directed by Evelyn Nallen.

In the fine tradition of wind bands, dating from the time of Monteverdi, Zero Gravity comprises the whole range of the recorder family playing music from the renaissance to the present day.


On Saturday October 9th 2010, Zero Gravity (Cambridge’s Recorder Band) had its first meeting.

That is not strictly true. As part of the 2006 Cambridge Festival, the theme being Maths & Music, Respectable Groove based a concert on the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton in a programme called ‘The Alchemist & the Catflap’.

David Gordon wrote a piece for 8 recorders, garklein to contra bass, to show what happens when you double the lenght of the pipe, and we put together a scratch group which we called Zero Gravity. They were terrific!

The next outing was in December 2008 when the group gave the first performance of ‘A Family Likeness’ by Gavin Bryars, a work for 6 recorders commissioned by the Society of Recorder Players. In May 2010, Zero Gravity premiered ‘Thaw’ by Jim Sutherland, another SRP commission.

On Saturday we were 13 players, including 3 from the original line-up, and one conductor and we fielded no less than 4 great basses and 2 contras.

Now, instead of just waiting for first performances to come along, Zero Gravity is planning some exciting concert programmes – so watch this space, as they say.