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Event description

Cambridge - Saturday 2 July

Illustrated Talk at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological research 

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research 
Downing Street 
Cambridge CB2 3ER

15.00 | Free admission, please book

You do not need to bring a ticket with you for this event. Once you have booked it your name will be on the list and you just need to turn up to the McDonald Institute on the 2 July. 


Past events 

London - Friday 13 May

Illustrated Talk at the Art Workers’ Guild 

18.30 | Free admission. 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, WC1N 3AT


Artist/speaker: Julia Sorrell

Further info

Julia Sorrell RI RBA is the first artist to be awarded the ACE Foundation TravelArt Award which allows an artist to travel across cultural boundaries to create new works of art. 
With its striking geological features and archaeological remains, Orkney proved a rich subject for Sorrell’s artistic preoccupations. Her sensitive interpretation of its coastline and prehistoric structures has produced a fine series of paintings and watercolours, which give a wonderfully dynamic example of the interplay between form and feeling.  
Living in her van and a coast guard survival suit for 5 weeks, Sorrell’s visit to Orkney followed in the footsteps of her father, noted archaeological illustrator and artist Alan Sorrell, who was commissioned to draw such sites as Skara Brae.