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19.30 | £6

Few events in human memory have had the impact of Waterloo. Two military giants collided; one emerged victorious, while the other fell from grandeur and absolute power never to rise again. Was the triumph a patent measure of Wellington’s martial prowess or was the baton of victory handed to him by a series of Napoleonic blunders and misfortunes. In this bicentenary year Nick Lipscombe, an eminent Napoleonic historian, will examine the strategic backdrop to this monumental clash of arms and then outline the tactical details of the battle itself before drawing conclusions for and against this assertion.

Artist/speaker: Colonel Nick Lipscombe

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Nick Lipscombe has always had a passionate interest in the Napoleonic Wars. After a 34-year career in the British Army, he now concentrates on writing and running tours to the Napoleonic battlefields. His first book, An Atlas and Concise Military History of the Peninsular War was published in 2010 and selected as the Daily Telegraph (History) Book of the Year. His other works include Waterloo, the Decisive Victory, Wellington’s Guns and Wellington’s Forgotten Front.