Stapleford Granary

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Saturday 16 September 2017        11.00–17.00 £90 / £75 students. Includes lunch

Reading Mrs Dalloway

Presented by Literature Cambridge


Mrs Dalloway (1925) is one of Woolf’s best-known novels. But how well do we understand it today? What is the novel really saying about the First World War, about shell shock, about love, gender and family relations? We will explore the history and the literary techniques of this intriguing, lyrical novel about two inhabitants of London – a society hostess and a shell-shocked soldier – whose lives overlap but who never meet.

Three Woolf experts will lead us through the book, helping us to understand its ideas and its literary techniques more deeply. Susan Sellers is general editor of the Cambridge University Press editions of Virginia Woolf. Trudi Tate is a literary expert on Woolf and the First World War. Claire Nicholson is on the Executive Council of the Virginia Woolf Society and has published articles on Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group.

 An inspiring and accessible course for readers of all ages. Price includes lunch.

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