Stapleford Granary

Event description

Saturday 27 June | 10.00-11.00 | £12 | Book included

‘Author and artist Gillian McClure can always be relied upon to produce titles that read like familiar, loved classics from the start – and this delightful tale of three creatures who are normally at odds but find themselves forced to cooperate when weather proves overpowering is no exception.’ Teach Nursery Issue 4.6

If you’re aged 3–6 years you’ll enjoy the workshop I’ll be giving based on my latest picture book Flood.

Come and hear the story about Fussy Hen, the Hungry Fox and Old Slodger the Ox caught in a flood. You can act out the drama with puppet characters and also have fun drawing. I’ll be bringing along my pens and crayons to show you how.

All children will receive a copy of Gillian’s picture book, Flood

Older children (8+) can make a woodland whistle with the Cambridge Woodwind Makers in the Champion Workshops.