Stapleford Granary

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Concert 19:30 |  Pre-concert talk and drinks 18.45

The Goldfield Ensemble conclude their series of English Chamber music concerts with a special Armistice Day concert featuring some of the very finest repertoire connected to the First World War. This is music which 'belonged to an England, to an epoch, to a way of life, destroyed by that war in all or most of its essential aspects'  and became a threnody for a former idyllic pastoral life. Howells' Quintet, one of the most elegantly crafted and powerfully moving works for this combination recalls the strong influence of the Tallis Fantasia in its closing section. Ireland's trio is a grim response, astringent in style reflecting the composer's reaction to the war. The Somervell Quartet was given its first performance in the Wigmore Hall on 19 May 1919 before becoming quickly forgotten and recently re-discovered. Like the Bliss Quartet, it is a youthful yet strong late-Romantic work.  Elgar's outstanding piano quintet was written that same year whilst the composer sought refuge from poor health, financial troubles, the loss of close friends and the war.

 The Goldfield Ensemble acknowledges the support of the Bliss Trust.

Artist/speaker: The Goldfield Ensemble

Further info

H Howells            Rhapsodic Quintet op 31 1919
A  Somervell        Clarinet Quintet in G major  (1914 - premiere 1919)
A Bliss                   Piano quartet in A minor op 18 1915
E Elgar                  Piano Quintet op 84 1919