Stapleford Granary

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with Mark Baldwin

19:00 | £8

In this presentation, Mark Baldwin examines the role that codebreaking played in the Battle of the Atlantic. Although many factors influenced the course of that conflict, Intelligence was of great importance, and much of the Allied intelligence came from breaking Enigma-enciphered communications. It must also be remembered that, alone amongst German forces, only the U-boats materially upgraded their Enigma system. This upgrade abruptly cut off a vital source of intelligence, leading to devastating Allied merchant shipping losses in 1942. Dr Baldwin will bring to the presentation a genuine wartime U-boat Enigma, for audience inspection and operation.

Artist/speaker: Dr Mark Baldwin

Further info

Dr Mark Baldwin is one of Britain’s most experienced speakers on WWII intelligence with a particular expertise in codebreaking and the Enigma machine. Mark’s publishing company specializes in books about codebreaking, including Top Secret Ultra by Peter Calvocoressi, one of the very few first-hand accounts of activities at Bletchley Park in WWII. He is the proud owner of a genuine German Navy Enigma machine.