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                  19.30 | £8

The death of Beethoven in March 1827 left the Austro-German composers who came after him with a serious problem:  how best to follow the example of this musical titan who had changed the world of classical music for ever?  Some such as Mendelssohn, Schumann and Brahms built on the example of the past in creating a kind of Romantic classicism, music with a self-contained logic similar to that of Bach and Mozart, but reflecting a new nineteenth-century sensibility. Others – composers like Berlioz, Liszt, Wagner and Mahler – took Beethoven’s example as a starting point for music which was boundless in its ambition - works which encompassed all of human experience, and ventured even further than that, into the wild recesses of the Romantic imagination.  With the aid of selected recordings, still images, and live musical analysis, Sandy Burnett takes an in-depth look at this fascinating era of music making.

Artist/speaker: Sandy Burnett

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Sandy Burnett is a musician and broadcaster who spent over a decade as one of the core classical music presenters on BBC Radio 3, interviewing many of the world’s finest musicians. Sandy has conducted many orchestras and choirs, and has masterminded a complete cycle of JS Bach’s sacred cantatas.