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Cookies are small files which sit on your computer and record specific interactions between you and our websites, and in some cases, other websites. This information is sometimes shared with third parties. Below is more detail about the cookies we use, what they record and who the information is shared with. You are of course free to disable cookies.

Functionality lost by disabling cookies or not giving consent

If you disable cookies, or don't opt in to receive them from these sections of our site, some functionality such as the ability to access the booking system and the ability to log in to your account will not be available.


Cookies set by us

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Cookies set by third party website

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 __utmz SpektrixClientName
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CookieDetection (Session)

The Spektrix booking system sets three cookies on your computer if you go through the booking process.  These cookies are essential for the functioning of the site, and are therefore outside the scope of EU regulations. The cookies are used:
To track customers through the booking process.
To allow customers to start the checkout process, or log in, and then go to a different part of the website.
To set a test cookie before customers start the booking process. If this fails it redirects customers to a help page.


__utmc (session)

Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to see how people use our website. This helps us improve it. The data we have is anonymised.

If you do not want this data to be collected, you can opt out of all Google Analytics collecting data from this or any other website.
Google’s Privacy Policy


P (session)
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Facebook Elements of our website integrate with Facebook, using these cookies. Facebooks’ Privacy Policy
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Twitter Elements of our website integrate with Twitter, using these cookies. Twitter’s Privacy Policy


How to disable cookies

Your web browser will have an option you select which will block cookies. Below are links to popular web browsers, and how to block cookies using them.

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