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ACE Foundation

The ACE Foundation is a Cambridge-based educational charity founded in 1958 with the object of encouraging and developing cultural understanding.


Providing support for educational projects, courses and summer schools, both locally and internationally, the ACE Foundation has played a pioneering role in adult and continuing education.

We provide a whole host of educational activities, from worldwide study tours to financial support for a variety of educational projects around the globe. The latter range from schools serving disadvantaged communities in Ethiopia, South Africa, Nepal and India, to projects focusing on archaeological research in countries as diverse as Romania and Uzbekistan, to conservation and natural history studies from Cambodia to Ecuador.

Key to all ACE's enterprises is education. Sometimes intensively, sometimes more creatively, the core aspiration of ACE is to educate. This is done within the concept of exchange, particularly cultural exchange, often including an international dimension. There are no restrictions on who can be educated, we are all learning all the time!