Stapleford Granary

Event description

Sunday 1st July 2018  11.00 - 13.00

Coffee and Jazz

Kevin FlanAgan Trio 

Free Admission | Make a donation | No need to Book.


Kevin comes from Lowell, Mass. USA. After dropping out of high school (whoops), he co-founded the group Antares, an improv and jazz-based cooperative which toured New England and the UK in the mid-70’s to early 80s. During this period he was also involved in blues and popular music, both in performing and recording sessions. He settled in the UK in the mid-80’s and worked on the London jazz and pop scene, playing and recording with Ben E. King, B.B.King, and members of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Sex Pistols and Portishead, as well as various West African High Life and salsa groups. He gradually shifted primarily to jazz, playing with his own group and the Tommy Chase Quartet at festivals in the UK such as Glastonbury, Brecon, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Brighton and festivals in Europe in Milan, Paris, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the North Sea Jazz Festival. He spent much of the 90’s collaborating with Chris Ingham in FIQ, releasing two well-received CD’s, Zanzibar and Textile Lunch. More recently, he has been working with David Gordon, putting out two CD’s, Riprap and Snow-Blue Night, working both with poets in commissions from the TS Eliot Festival and other events, and as an instrumental quartet playing around the usual venues.

A graduate of Goldsmiths University, with a post graduate degree in composition from ARU (where he lectures), he later studied composition at the University of Sussex with Martin Butler, and has had works commissioned and performed by orchestras in London and Cambridge. He is currently working on a series of ambient installations for the artist Jane Perryman