Stapleford Granary

Event description

 Friday 1 November 2019 

19:30  £15/£8 under 16

Drepung Kongpo khangtsen monks of tibet

UK Tour 2019

With rich overtone chanting, traditional costumes, ceremonial masks and using Tantric instruments including conch-shell trumpets, meditation bells and the powerfully low sounds of the majestic dungchen (long horns), the Drepung Kongpo Khangtsen Monks evoke the atmosphere of sacred Tibet.   

Explanations of the significance and meanings behind the dances and prayer make the experience accessible to all and allow audiences to gain more insight into one of the most unique, spiritual and traditional cultures in the world.

Performances will include sacred dances such as Durdak Garcham (Dance of the Skeleton Lords);  Daksin Tsarchod, a haunting melody from the eleventh century female mystic, Ma-chik Lab-don;  a demonstration and explanation of Taksel, the art of dialectical debate; and auspicious songs and prayers for world peace.