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Cambridge Woodwind Makers

Cambridge Woodwind Makers is a charity based in Cambridge, UK which has created a unique workshop facility to preserve and promote the art and artisanship of woodwind instrument making.

CWM provides a rare opportunity to learn from some of the world's finest instrument makers how woodwind and brass instruments are made, designed and repaired.

The courses range from one-day lecture demonstrations and hands-on taster days, to intensive courses where one can learn to make a working instrument from first principles. Repair & Maintenance courses are offered for a variety of instruments and ‘Watch @ Work’ open days provide an opportunity for everyone with an interest to watch skilled craftsmen at work.

Our courses are open to anyone interested in the making of instruments; you don’t have to be a player to appreciate and succeed in these skills. Past participants have, however, also included international, professional instrumentalists who are currently playing the instruments they made on our courses. We can also provide tailored visits for school groups.

CWM was founded in order to preserve and promote the art and artisanship of woodwind instrument making and we would love for as many people as possible to join us in this activity.

Full details of our courses and open days can be found on our website at:

Courses for 2014 include:

Repair & Maintenance days: Flute | clarinet | saxophone | oboe & bassoon

Instrument making courses: Irish & Baroque Flute | Flute Headjoint | Recorder & Voice Flute | Classical Clarinet | Chalumeau | Long Trumpet | Woodland Whistle

Lecture demonstration days: Clarinet Barrel Experiments | Recorder Knowledge

Course Tutors: Robert Bigio | Tim Cranmore | Robert Barclay | Michael Münkwitz | Richard Seraphinoff | Jacqueline Sorel | Daniel Bangham

Making courses coming soon: Baroque oboe | Galician bagpipes | Baroque clarinet